With humans at home, coral reefs and marine animals in Hawaii are thriving

There's no denying it: With people stuck at home, wild animals are currently living their best lives. From the wolves, bears and bobcats freely roaming Yosemite National Park to the goats, deer and ducks taking back urban spaces all over the world, animals are having a grand old time while us humans are away.

The most recent example is the marine life in Hawaii. Since the state's residents started staying home and tourism came to a halt, the absence of scuba divers, snorkelers and beach bums is bringing new life to the coral reefs around Oahu.

It's not uncommon for hundreds of people to visit areas like Hanauma Bay and Shark’s Cove on a daily basis during a normal spring, but with the crowds gone, scientists are seeing more fish closer to the shoreline, better water clarity and an abundance of algae.

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